Frequent Questions

Need to extend your trip?
What should the beneficiary do in case of an emergency at destination?
In case the beneficiary or a third party cannot get in contact with BMI TRAVEL ASSIST’s Call Center, what is the procedure to follow?
In case the beneficiary does not report the event within the 24 hours, what would the assistance cover?
In the event the beneficiary requests medications and these are not prescribed in the assistance, will this cost be covered?
If beneficiary needs prescription drugs, will be covered?
If the beneficiary contacts us to report an accident but his/her plan has expired, will services be provided?
Which documents must the beneficiary submit due to loss of luggage upon return to the country of origin?
What is the time frame in which BMI TRAVEL ASSIST Plans’ benefits may be received
What are considered good causes for cancellation of a contracted trip
When does it apply the delayed or cancelled flight charge?
What legal assistance does BMI Travel Assist offer the beneficiary in case of traffic accidents?
When is repatriation applicable?
If the beneficiary wants to activate sanitary repatriation that was not recommended by the Call Center, is it covered?